Swimming Lessons During Winter

As you all know, it is now winter, so upon is is the season where kids get sick at times!
During these times, it is not unusual to rethink swimming lessons, as it is just too cold.

Below are a few tips as to why swimming lessons are still important in winter/how you can make swimming lessons in winter easier on you and your child:

1. Lessons keep your children safer around water: this is the most important reason- unfortunately, people don’t just drown in summer, and regular lessons may aid in reducing that risk.

2. They will progress faster: it is common for a child to take up to 18 months to pass a level- if you stop swimming for three months over winter, you may find that your child takes even longer to master those vital skills

3. Your child may be less likely to get sick: if your child is regularly exercising (as they do at lessons), their immune systems are boosted and therefore they will have added protection against those winter (and spring/summer/autumn!) bugs.

4. Keep your child warm following lessons: Remember to bring coats, scarves and beanies to swimming. Adding those extra layers for the car ride home will make them more comfortable and make swimming a more pleasant experience.

I hope you are all planning on staying warm (but not necessarily dry!) over winter!

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